Warm Sunset

Masters Massage
Price: $170

Inspired by Japanese and Thai healing traditions, this treatment was invented by our master therapist using both Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques on the whole body. Deep tissue Swedish massage is then done to the back neck and shoulders with stretching movements to relax tired muscles and restore blood circulation, balance and energy.

Price: $70

This Japanese bodywork uses localized finger and elbow pressure in a rhythmic sequence on acupuncture meridians. Each point is held deep for several seconds to improve the flow of energy and help the body regain balance. People are normally pleasantly surprised when they try this relaxing, yet firm treatment, for the first time.

Traditional Thai Massage
Price: $80

One of the most renowned massage styles in the world, Thai massage combines gentle rocking, rhythmic compressions on targeted pressure points followed by assisted stretching. The treatment is applied to the energy lines releasing blockages, tension and pain, and creating a lasting sense of wellbeing and flexibility.

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Eye Patches
Price: $40
Facial regenerative mask
Price: $50
30 mins Back Massage
Price: $50
Detoxifying Scrub
Price: $60
Cocoon Wrap
Price: $60
Nourishing Hair Mask
Price: $50
Neck Anti-Aging Patches
Price: $40
Jaccuzi Bath
Price: $45

Upon completion of your spa treatment, you may wish to enjoy the relaxation lounge where you can find a selection of herbal teas, snacks and fruits.