Signature Treatments

Kimantra Fusion
Price: $140.00

A multinational holistic experience that combines Kimantra spa's most desired treatments. A deep tissue Indian Balinese hot stones massage, including reflexology, cupping, Thai and Japanese therapies. With the best of what the world offered Kimantra fusion leaves you with a distinct of well being.

Pregnancy Massage
Price: $80.00

When you're pregnant, a massage can lift your spirits and make you feel so much better. Ideal from three months onwards, this treatment includes a relaxing back massage, then deep conditioning oils and creams are gently applied to the stomach. Next the face is cleansed and rebalanced with a soothing massage incorporating the neck, shoulders and scalp. To complete, a massage to the lower legs, arms, hands and feet restores a feeling of lightness and comfort.

Price: $40.00

This Chinese therapy encourages the body's natural ability to heal itself. Numerous studies have shown that all the functions and organs of the body have their reflexes in the feet, and that by stimulating those reflex points in a particular sequence, each respective organ can be treated on its own, removing impurities, improving blood circulation, thus significantly improving health.

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Eye Patches
Price: $30.00
Facial regenerative mask
Price: $45.00
30 mins Back Massage
Price: $40.00
Detoxifying Scrub
Price: $60.00
Cocoon Wrap
Price: $60.00
Nourishing Hair Mask
Price: $50.00
Paraffin hands or feet
Price: $25.00
Neck Anti-Aging Patches
Price: $35.00
Jaccuzi Bath
Price: $45.00

Upon completion of your spa treatment, you may wish to enjoy the relaxation lounge where you can find a selection of herbal teas, snacks, fruits and juices.