Mother's day Packages

Mother's day Packages
All in one Por Mama
Price: $120

Kimantra Fusion
Ayurvedic , Balinese, Thai, Hot stones, Reflexology, Cupping, and Shiatsu Massage 90 mn
120$ instead of 140$ in Dbayeh
140$ instead of 160$ in Downtown

Mami My Hero
Price: $140

Radiance Collagen Booster 60 mn
Ayurvedic massage 60 mn
140$ instead of 170$ in Dbayeh
170$ instead of 190$ in Downtown

My Comfort
Price: $140

Ayurvedic massage 60mn
Reflexology 30 mn
Facial peel and mask
140$ instead of 180$ Dbayeh
150$ instead of 210$ Downtown

My Sunshine
Price: $90

Ayurvedic massage 60 mn
Radiant face peel and mask
90$ instead of 130$ in Dbayeh
100$ instead of 140$ Downtown

Adds ON
Eye Patches
Price: $40
Facial regenerative mask
Price: $50
30 mins Back Massage
Price: $50
Detoxifying Scrub
Price: $60
Cocoon Wrap
Price: $60
Nourishing Hair Mask
Price: $50
Neck Anti-Aging Patches
Price: $40
Jaccuzi Bath
Price: $45

Upon completion of your spa treatment, you may wish to enjoy the relaxation lounge where you can find a selection of herbal teas, snacks and fruits.